We prohibit campaigns that contain contents and/or rewards that consist or promote rewards that are illegal, heavily regulated, potentially dangerous for backers and rewards that are not made or directly related through means such as business partnerships by the campaign owner.

Types of Prohibited Campaigns/Content

  • Crowdfunding on behalf of others; The goal of the campaign is to help you grow and make ideas to reality
  • Donations; Campaigns that are purely raise funds without rewards is not allowed
  • Investments; Nothing about investment for any entity should be mentioned
  • Pornography
  • Political causes
  • Gambling
  • Discrimnation, regardless of race, religion, gender
  • Researches
  • Drugs and related substances
  • Money in form of cash or cash vouchers and financial-related services

List of Prohibited Rewards

  • Equity, revenue sharing, investment opportunities, digital asset in token form
  • Raffle or lottery
  • Weapons (including replicas), ammunition and related accessories
  • Tobacco, vapes, drugs and associated drug paraphernalia
  • Pornographic materials
  • Alcohol
  • Human and Animals (regardless dead or alive, in full or in part)
  • Offensive material (things that provoke such as encouraging violence against others)
  • Dietary supplements and medications
  • Political materials
  • Too good to be true items

If your campaign contains something illegal, heavily regulated, potentially dangerous for backers or anything that you are unsure of and it is not found within the lists, please contact us before preparing for the campaign on our Platform.