Innovative Impact

Innopact combines the definition of business innovation and social impact in businesses. Why the need for a word? The social impact from a business can be greatly expounded with the help of innovation. Similarly, innovation can help to create new solutions for social changes.

Now, we don’t just need social impact businesses. We need Innopact businesses! With innovation, the snowball of actions will only get bigger and bigger, maximising the positive change we bring to the world.

With new realities emerging, challenges that were once local are being tackled on national and global levels. Issues like access to clean water, education for all, and environmental conservation are just some issues that social impact businesses are attempting to tackle.

The best way to understand what a innopact business is to look at the examples around us.


Innopact Community

Innopact community is a closely knitted group managed by Fundigo where businesses can come together to discuss, network, gather feedback, brainstorm, share resources and grow their business together.

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