We have a set of Community Guidelines that all users of our website and Services need to accept. This is to safeguard everyone’s interest and to bring out the best experience while using our website and Services. 

Here are some basic rules for everyone:

No spam

Nobody likes receiving or getting spam.

As much as we encourage interaction between campaign owners and backers, please note that spamming is against our Community Guidelines. Examples of spam, but not limited to, includes promoting a campaign on places where you shouldn’t, abusing the email lists for other purposes other than campaigns, advertising third-party services.

Interaction capabilities built within are meant for good use and to build relationships, not destroy relationships. 

No unsolicited materials

Nobody likes to see things which they don’t want to.

Be considerate to one another. Don’t post personal information, be it yours or someone else. Don’t post obscene, hateful or objectionable content. Don’t post content, especially copyrighted, without prior permission. If you have a bad day or don’t like a particular campaign, simply just don’t see it, don’t back it.

Respect one another on our Platform so everyone can have a more pleasant experience.

Being honest

Honesty is the best policy.

Campaign Owners should be honest with their campaigns. Any things that are too good to be true should not be posted so as not to misguide the backers. Things not only include content, but also pictures and videos that depicts the functionality, appearance and usage of the reward. That means minimal or no editing of the resources would be highly advised so backers can see it in its true form.

Prohibited campaigns

We need to prioritise our community first and abide by local laws.

The list of content that should not appear in any campaigns can be found here.

Be a reporter

Report things that seem against our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines.

Our team reviews every report we receive and will not hesitate to take appropriate action if we find that it violates the Terms of Use or guidelines. Actions taken could range from just a strict warning, or deleting the entire account if it is serious or beyond salvaging.

Let’s play a part in making our community a cohesive and welcoming one!