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Have you ever felt like you were the only one in your family taking care of your elderly or disabled loved ones? Trying to find someone who can provide both companionship and caregiving at the same time can be difficult. Care Connect by SG Assist wants to change that with its new personal concierge service for caregivers.

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Care Connect refers to an initiative by SG Assist, a Singapore-based social enterprise enabling and advocating community volunteerism through a real-time service matching mobile app. Developed as an extension to SG Assist mobile app, the Care Connect concierge call centre service seeks to empower all caregivers of seniors and persons with disabilities to find the best resources and solutions for their caregiving journey. The Care Connect will help caregivers navigate their way to service matching, which is easy and simple, with the one-stop hotline. 

Currently, preparations are underway to launch this new service to the community. The strong inspiration behind the start of SG Assist owes to the very personal caregiving experiences from Greg Tan and Adrian Tan.


Care Connect

Care Connect is a multi-platformed care centre that navigates the world of care for caregivers, allowing them to spend more time providing better quality care for their loved ones. We also provide referrals on caregiving products and services by especially curated merchants.

Care Connect comprises 3 key components – at its core the “Care Connect Call Centre”, linking the community of caregivers under the “Care Connect Membership Programme” and its network of caregiving merchants on the “Care Connect Marketplace”:



For backers, Care Connect is pledging the following reward categories, based on their level of contributions, either for themselves or their nominated beneficiaries.


Timeline & Budget

The funds raised through Fundigo would be used for some of these activities:

  1. Setup and implementation costs of the Care Connect concierge call centre structure
  2. Recruitment and training of the Care Connect concierge care agents
  3. Targeted online marketing expenses for recruitment of Care Connect member and merchant partners
  4. Market research and development efforts to expand merchant partners and services to Care Connect 
  5. Procurement and joint sale of smart home sensor devices made available through Care Connect


Our Areas of Impact

Care Connect helps to improve the support and well-being of caregivers through our call centre. In providing caregivers with quality navigation and help support, the seniors and persons with disabilities whom they attend to will also benefit positively in the quality of care that they receive.

We are also looking to recruit within these groups as care agents on the platform to provide them an opportunity for employment and economic well being.


Challenges and Risks

The key challenges and their associated risks identified for Care Connect are as follows:

1. Market Competition

There are no direct competitors in Singapore at the moment but a similar provider is CareLine by Changi General Hospital, though it has different objectives, coverage, scope and customer audience.

Care Connect has the unique competitive advantage of tapping on its established pool of community volunteers from its parent SG Assist mobile app platform to double up care agents and provide assistance to caregivers, hence creating greater social and economic impact and boosting the help resources available through Care Connect. 


2. Business Sustainability 

For business and financial sustainability, Care Connect will need to continuously grow its critical member base and merchant base to further enhance our offerings.

In order to expand our member recruitment and base, Care Connect would reach out and tap on partnerships with more than 20 Social Service Agencies (SSAs) and community groups with whom SG Assist already has working relationships to extend beyond merely public membership recruitment. 

To expand the number of merchant partnerships for our marketplace, there will be outreach through our current network of merchants as well as outreach through referrals from government agencies, SSAs and community groups.


About SG Assist

SG Assist focuses on creating positive social impact and improving Singapore’s ecosystem of care services to serve the vulnerable communities sustainably through technology. The SG Assist mobile app is a digital community platform which crowdsources nearby voluntary community responders (or as we term ‘Kampong Heroes’) in the various heartlands of Singapore to provide timely and genuine assistance to the dependents of working caregivers. This initiative is aimed at giving working caregivers a peace of mind while at work. At the heart of it is all about reigniting the kampong spirit within the communities in Singapore.


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  • What is Care Connect?

    Care Connect is a trusted caregiving companion and personal care concierge that understands and supports caregivers, seniors and persons with disabilities (PWDs). As caregivers ourselves, we understand the struggles and challenges of caregiving. We believe that care is a responsibility that no one should shoulder alone. We are committed to supporting caregivers, seniors and persons with disabilities (PWDs) throughout their care journey. 

    Care Connect is championed by SG Assist, a social enterprise that has been supporting the community since 2018.

  • What do I benefit from joining with Care Connect?

    Care Connect concierge connects you to the help you need, through administrative support, service matching and tele-befriending. We’ve partnered with trusted and established partners to provide the best value for products and services. Care Connect comes with a personal call service accompanied with a wide range of complementary services to support caregivers, seniors and PWDs in their care journey. 

    Look out the Care Connect marketplace featuring curated services and products to meet your caregiving needs.

  • What are the differences between the free and paid membership?

    The Care Connect free membership entitles members to access various caregiving resources, e.g. information, government support schemes, seminars and workshops on caregiving; select carefully curated caregiving products/services, and benefit from exclusive deals via the Care Connect Marketplace. The Care Connect paid membership provides additional benefits on top of the above to members, including:

    • Personalised care concierge service, via call centre, messaging, and 24/7 chatbox support
    • Greater exclusive deals to care products and services
    • Access to Premium member-only events, including workshops and activities for caregivers
  • How do I register for Care Connect?

    You may register for Care Connect via this link:

    To help smoothen the registration process, it is recommended that you prepare the following documents at your side:

    1. Your NRIC
    2. Your Contact Details
    3. Details of your Care Recipient (including their needs)
    4. Details of your registered SSA and Social Worker, if any
  • What is the eligibility to be a Care Connect member?

    There is no eligibility requirement to be a Care Connect member.

  • I am not technologically inclined, may I have some assistance to help me register?

    You may contact our Care Agents at +65 6715 1512 for any assistance.

  • Can I cancel my subscription from Care Connect?

    Please reach out to for assistance. There will be a 30-day notice period for termination of subscription.

  • What kind of services available to Care Connect members?
    • Medical Transport
    • Medical Escort
    • Food/Grocery Delivery
    • Handyman/Repair Services
    • Home/Domestic Cleaning
    • Respite
    • Day-care
    • In-house
    • Support Group/Community
    • Home-Visit Medical Services
    • Befriending
    • Educational Session (Caregivers)
    • Educational Session (Care Recipient)
    • Information 
    • Companionship
  • How will I be notified of any updates to my requests?

    Depending on the nature of service, Care Agents may contact you of any updates to your requests through a phone call or preferred platform that is specified by you.

  • Will my personal information be collected for these services?

    Depending on the nature of services, information such as address and contact details will be required to complete the request. Care Connect will not require additional personal information unless directly requested by the Care Agents.

  • How do I submit feedback for Care Connect services?

    You may send us an email at or call us at +65 6715 1512.

  • I have more questions about Care Connect. Who should I ask?

    Feel free to email us at and we will get back to you soon.

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    4 x Motion sensors
    2 x Smart Switches

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