Five Reasons in Hiring People with Disabilities (PwDs)

When it comes to the idea of hiring people with disabilities, they are often being associated with the lack of capabilities, and most would even say that they have many shortcomings, however, this is untrue.

1. Discovering new talents

A study has shown that autistic people have higher levels of creativity and unique ways of answering problems. It could be the fact that they have different perspectives in viewing problems thus, allowing them to exhibit their creativity and ultimately contribute to the organisation. Furthermore, there is a portion of highly skilled and able bodied personnel where they became persons with disabilities at a later point of their lives. This group of people are still capable of using their skills to take up challenging roles in the company yet they are deemed as slow and incapable. If these employees with disabilities are given an opportunity, they can definitely value-add to the company with their relevant skill sets. 


2. Improving Company’s Culture

When a company hires persons with disabilities, it promotes and displays inclusiveness to groups of people regardless of their statuses thus, boosting the morale of the employees as it shows the company is empathetic. With the interaction between the employees and persons with disabilities, it helps to improve the bond and relationship as learning to accommodate each other is necessary. The company may even improve its facilities to cater to the needs of employees with disabilities thus, providing a more conducive environment to work in.    


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3. Provide an opportunity & empowerment

Despite having disabilities, most of the persons with disabilities are independent and have the determination in providing for themselves. When a company opens its doors to them, it does not only give them a path to having a career, but also allows them to be financially independent. This encourages them and boosts their confidence as there is a sense of purpose and allows them to find their identity while staying connected to the society. 


4. Improving company’s image

Companies who are committed to social responsibility and are diversified in their employment help improve the company’s image. Consumers will most likely view the company positively and support the business as it shows that they do not discriminate unfairly. Employees working in the company may also feel a sense of pride representing the company.    


5. Expand consumer market

Having employees with disabilities help to give insights on customers with disabilities which helps businesses to cater to this group of people. This allows companies to expand their businesses towards this group of people which shows that they are being valued. Furthermore, this may also inspire other companies to embark on the same journey in being inclusive towards persons with disabilities and build a better community. 

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