8 Ways to Make a Difference in the Lives of Migrant Workers

Leaving families behind is a difficult thing to do however, migrant workers always find themselves in such a predicament. It is inevitable for them to travel miles away from their countries to work in foreign places as they strive to provide a better future for their loved ones. The lives of migrant workers matters, yet they are commonly subjected to workplace abuse, discrimination and are unable to voice out their problems when needed. In times like this, much support is needed for them to tie through the difficult moments. 

Small but consistent steps can be taken to help them out and here are 8 ways to make a difference to the lives of migrant workers:

  1. Improve in monitoring and communicating mediums

Many migrant workers have faced problems such as unpaid salaries, mistreatment and violation of their rights yet they are hesitant when it comes to reporting their employers to the authorities. The migrant workers are afraid their employers will retaliate and the repercussions from this incident, such as causing them to lose their bread and butter. Therefore, having proper monitoring and communicating mediums to check in on the migrant workers allows them to voice out their concerns anonymously, when needed and will be able to keep track of their status. 

  1. Donations

More initiatives can be taken to help and allow the  migrant workers to feel appreciated. For instance, raising funds in order to provide care packs for the migrant workers, whereby schools can organise events for their students to prepare necessity packs for them. This will not only give a chance for students to understand the importance of giving back to the society, it also shows appreciation and gratitude towards the migrant workers for the hard work they have put in while benefiting from the necessity pack. 

  1. Shift in mindset

Even though most citizens agree to being inclusive towards migrant workers, according to studies, it has been found that if dormitories were to be built near residential areas, residents would still oppose this plan. One of the things that citizens can do will be to change their mindset by including these migrant workers into the society and valuing their presence and the work they have done for us.

  1. Stronger ecosystem

Migrant workers often felt being left out and ostracised due to the fact that they are from a foreign country and the culture that they grew up in is different from the places that they are working. In order to curb this problem, one of the ways that the society can look into, is to increase the interaction between migrant workers and the rest of the population to help them integrate into the society. Having dormitories set up near residential areas can also be one of the areas to be more inclusive towards them.

  1. Access to mental health resources

Mental health is important to all mankind, yet, the access to mental health for migrant workers is always neglected. Their harsh working conditions make them more susceptible to depression and stress which leads to an increase in mental illnesses. It is important that they have the right resources and means that they can tap into when needed. In times like these, employers can provide better mental health support to the migrant workers through better insurance coverage as mental health treatments are usually costly, and affordable treatment is limited. 

  1. Improving living conditions and facilities for dormitories. 

Improving the living conditions of the migrant workers can be one of the ways to provide better welfare to them. Many migrant workers are found to be living in tight and cramped spaces which does not only make them feel confined, the ventilation of the space is also compromised. By having proper living conditions and better facilities for the migrant workers, it will allow them to rest in proper places and have sufficient sleep before starting their day and reduce public health risks. 

  1. Acknowledging their contributions to the society

Migrant workers help build the nation where we can live, work and play comfortably yet most times, we do not know who were the ones who contributed and the recognition towards them are neglected. With this being said, ceremonies can be held whereby awards can be given to them to thank their contribution towards the nations. Members of the public can be invited to the event where migrant workers can also mingle and interact, to foster a bond between the citizens and the migrant workers. 

  1. Leisure activities

As the world is evolving, emphasis on work-life balance is also much spoken about as it affects not only the physical well-being, it also has an impact on the mental and emotional well-being. Migrant workers working in a foreign country should also enjoy their day off and go to local attractions to understand more about the local culture and unwind themselves. Citizens of the country can run campaigns to collect donations so as to purchase the tickets for these migrant workers as they have limited resources to tap into.

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