To connect the world and build a better tomorrow


Unifying opportunities

As Singapore’s first reward-based crowdfunding platform that focuses on Impact-Driven Businesses,  Fundigo empowers visions that make the world a better place.

Whether the business for good is targeted at the individual, a community, or the environment, as entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that the hardest part is getting capital – and we are here to solve that.


Crowdfunding platform that focuses on impact businesses

Launched in Aug 2021, Fundigo’s creation was spurred by a shared sentiment amongst its founding members – impact startups were spending too much time getting investors on board.

Fundigo’s crowdfunding platform lets creators bring their products and ideas straight to the market, thereby receiving validation, funding, and awareness at once. With that in mind, we founded Fundigo as a five-person team in late 2020. Then things started rolling…