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Beary Huat New Year

This New Year, Pawjourr has teamed up with Animals Asia to release an exclusive Pawjourr x Animals Asia CNY Red Packet in order to lend our support and join the…

S$112.00 Pledged 11.67%
14 Days to Go

Buy a Box of Orange, Plant a Tree

This Lunar New Year, Simei Fruit Trading aims to make the world a greener place. For every $26 spent on oranges, Simei Fruit Trading would plant a tree in Indonesia. 

S$1,764.20 Pledged 100%
10 Days to Go

Fragrance Gives Back

This Lunar New Year, Fragrance would like to encourage everyone to buy for a cause, to give back to low income families. Every 1kg of Bak Kwa purchased, we would…

S$801.80 Pledged 44.54%
7 Days to Go

Chinese New Year Delights 2022

For the very first time, Chinatown Tai Chong Kok Confectionery (Hue Kee) launches bundle sets for gifting during Chinese New Year while giving back to the needy.

S$2,018.40 Pledged 100%
7 Days to Go

Zero Waste Gifting

Every Christmas household waste increases on average 30% for excess packaging and presents. Have a more sustainable Christmas this year with Crunch Cutlery’s Zero Waste Gift Box

S$1,243.80 Pledged 62.19%
18 Days to Go

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